środa, 19 listopada 2014

Cube Planet WIPs

I want some minecraft-like T-shirt, so I decided to make a themed cube planet. Most of the tiles are ready, dimensions are good, what's left is to build it ;)

czwartek, 13 listopada 2014

Civilisation: Race of Nation Game Graphics

Another bigger project and another bigger post :)

This time I have some art from Civilisation: Race of Nations game. Check it [HERE]!
Every little piece was painted with one, simple chalky brush. It was quite a journey from the start to finish. It is my biggest piece up to this time :)

You know I cant post it without a process gif ;)

Below you have all buildings I made for the game so far, how they look on the board and how they're changing through the gameplay.


sobota, 27 września 2014

Pixel Dailies Week [01]

First week with Pixel Dailies has ended. Every sunday (if participated) I'd post a weekly summary of my entries.
This time I have 3 + one in a previous post [as #002] :)
You can follow my Twitter or Facebook page for most recent updates.

[001] Fur

[003] Majin Buu

[004] Bucket

środa, 24 września 2014

Pixels are best

I started a new pixel art adventure and you can watch it through Twitter or my Facebook page. It'd be easier to stay tuned but no other site should miss a thing in the end :)

Pixel art is around the middle between painting and designing and that makes it so much fun to me.

Here's Potion entry for Pixel Dailies and at the same time my first pixel animation :D
I hope to make more of that :)